Eoin's Skin Care Tips

Eoin's Skin Care Tips

Have you ever dreaded the question, how is your skincare routine? Does the thought of having a skincare routine feel over whelming because you feel like you don’t know where to start?

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated it should be a method of self-care. The skin is the body’s largest organ, we take the time to look after our heart and lungs, so why do we not pay the same attention to our skin? After all its the organ that protects us the most!

Skincare can be broken up into six different steps and you can choose how many steps you want to add to your routine based on your personal goals for your skin.

  • CLEANSING: Cleansing is recommended every morning and evening and it is the process of removing oils, debris, and bacteria that naturally builds up on your skin. This step is important because a build-up on the skin can lead to breakouts, and it may also prevent any additional products and their benefits from entering the skin as the surface level is being blocked by these oils.
  • TONING: Toning is designed to remove any excess build up that was left on the skin after your cleansing step. The toners available today also have additional benefits such as a Refining Toner to help with the appearance and texture of your skin or a Hydrating Toner to get in that extra moisture back into your skin.
  • EXFOLIATION: The top layer of skin that is visible to us is a layer of dead skin cells. Unfortunately, these skin cells will not come back to life with any skin care product that you buy. The best thing that we can do for our skin is to concentrate on the skin that is still alive, by exfoliating we are removing dead skin cells ensuring our products penetrate down to the living skins cells. Exfoliation is not a recommended step for your everyday routine it is recommend to do once or twice a week depending on your skin type.
  • MASK: This step is optional but is ideal is your want to upgrade and include additional benefits to your skin, for example if you feel your skin is dull and needs a bit of an extra detox our Spirulina Mask is ideal for you or if you feel your skin is dehydrated and sensitive our Rehydrating Gel Algae Mask is the mask for you. Masks are an ideal combination treatment with your exfoliation step to allow you to get the full benefit of your chosen mask
  • TREATMENT: A serum is a thin highly active skin care treatment designed to use under moisturiser. A serum due to its thin nature has a better ability to penetrate deeper into the skin and is more effective in targeting skin concerns for example I am loving the berry plus serum on the days I shave my face to combat the discomfort and appearance of a shaving rash.
  • MOISTURUSER: A moisturiser is a blend of water and oils usually depending on the concentration of either water or oil plus the additional ingredients will determine what the benefit of each moisturiser is. A moisturiser with a higher water content is better for oily skin while a moisturiser with a higher oil content is better for dry skin. A moisturiser will nourish, protect, and hydrate the skin. It acts as a barrier for your skin and also protects it from the elements outside but also seals any additional products you may have used into the skin.

Are you looking to begin or upgrade your skincare routine?  If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or a member of our Spa team and we will happily assist you with your skin care journey.