Let's Chat about Cleansers

Let's Chat about Cleansers

There are so many versions of cleansers on the market today and it can be overwhelming when deciding about which product to purchase. I want to talk about what cleansing your skin is all about and to show you how to choose the right cleanser for your skins needs. Choosing the right cleanser is the first step in having the skin you dream of having.

Cleansing our skin is the first step in our skin care routine but is also one of the most essential steps. By cleansing our skin, we are removing dirt and debris from our skin, smoothing the skin, removing dead skin cells, and cleaning our pores. This step is the also amazing for preparing the skin for any additional steps in your skin care routine as the skin is now more capable for absorbing and receiving the benefits from our serums and moisturisers.

When purchasing a cleanser, it is important to ask is this the right cleanser for my skin? Each cleanser is designed to work for a certain skin type or skin concern. For example an Oil Based Cleanser is considered better for a dry skin type as dry skin is lacking in oil, while a water-based gel cleanser is considered better for an oily skin. A client with an oily skin can use a milk cleanser but it may not give them the freshly cleansed feeling they are looking for, but it won’t damage their skin. A client with dry sensitive skin who is using a gel cleanser for acne skin may feel negative effects as this cleanser is designed to remove excess oil, purify and mattified the skin. This client’s skin was already lacking in oil so their skin may feel even dryer and can lead to an increase in the sensitivity of their skin.

The Spa at the Kingsley is partnered with Kerstin Florian, an amazing Wellness Brand who also specialises in Skin Care. Kerstin Florian offers four cleansers and I’m going to give you all the inside scoop on what makes each of them different so you can find your match.

Rehydrating Neroli Cleansing Milk

This cleanser is my personal favourite. I would recommend this cleanser for someone who has normal/dehydrated skin or someone who has a dry sensitive skin. This cleanser is SLS free, Paraben Free, and naturally fragranced. It is designed to hydrate and gently remove impurities leaving your skin feeling nourished and moisturized. It contains amazing ingredients such as Apricot Kernel Oil, which is moisturising, softening, and protecting. It also contains Neroli Oil to sooth and oxygenate the skin. Pro Tip this cleanser is gentle enough to be use as an eye makeup remover

Rejuvenating Cleansing Gel

This cleanser is ideal for people who are starting to think of using a more anti-aging skin care routine. This deep cleansing formula gently removes impurities and surface debris. It contains Rose Flower Oil that has amazing anti-aging effects it strengthens the skin and smooths fine lines. It also has Hydrolysed Wheat Protein which conditions, moisturises and protects the skin but also retains moisture. Pro Tip this product works amazing mixed with a little bit of warm water.

Clarifying Mineral Enzyme Cleanser

This cleanser is suited to a person with an oily skin type who are prone to breakouts and suffer with skin texture. Its deep cleansing formula exfoliates, detoxifies, balances and leads to a refreshed and brighter skin. This cleanser contains fruit enzymes Mango and Papaya which helps remove trapped bacteria that can lead to problematic skin. The mineral complex of Copper Manganese and Zinc combat inflammation while improving the skin clarity and elasticity. Its Botanical Complex helps with the immune response and oil production. Pro Tip Best used on damp skin and use gentle movements. 

Correcting Foaming Cleanser

This cleanser is recommended for clients with combination skin, dull skin or textured skin. It is a lightweight formula containing gentle exfoliating acids to lift impurities and oils from the skin and improves texture resulting in a fresh bright complexion. It contains salicylic acid which prevents bacterial growth, relieves congestion and removes dull surface cells it also has Algae Extracts and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract which are calming, and soothing improves skins hydration and helps to soften scarring. Pro Tip a little bit of the product goes a long way!

If you need help taking that first step on your skincare journey, come and visit myself and the team at The Spa at The Kingsley

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Eoin x