March Favourites- Kerstin Florian Wellness Body Kit

March Favourites- Kerstin Florian Wellness Body Kit

March Favourites- Time for Me, Myself and I

Returning to life before the pandemic and with the new sense of normality on the horizon, there is a sense of urgency to return to the fast-paced life that we once lived. With all the positive and exciting changes that are ahead of us, it is important that we don’t forget the lessons that we learned during the pandemic. The important topics of self-care and well-being were often discussed, and it is a discussion and practice we should continue to incorporate into our lives. A new night-time treat that I recently discovered is the new Kerstin Florian Body Wellness Kits.

The Body Wellness Kit is fantastic as it includes six of the best body products Kerstin Florian have to offer, with an instruction leaflet to help you achieve the best results. I was unsure if I needed the instructions, but I’m glad I followed them, resulting in one of the best nights sleep I have had in a long time, so I highly recommend you give the instructions a read! 

The wellness kit includes a Eucalyptus Mineral Wellness Bath, The Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner, a body loofah, Chamomile Shower Gel, Turkish Body Scrub and Chamomile Body Lotion.

The at home wellness experience starts with prepping the Eucalyptus Wellness Bath. This bath is ideal for relaxing aching muscles but also relaxing the mind with its calming aroma. Once the bath is prepared, you start with a shower using the revitalising shampoo and conditioning treatment. Using the loofah and shower gel, prep your body for the Turkish Body Scrub which will leave your skin feeling refreshed but not stripped. Once you have showered off the exfoliation and hair treatment, it is time to relax in your prepared bath. This treat is finished with the chamomile body lotion.

As I am a spa therapist, I love to see what products I can use to make my experience even better. Before I relaxed in the bath, I lit my favourite candle, finished my night-time cleanse, and applied the Rehydrating Algae Gel Mask (€35 for an 80ml mask) to my face, neck, and chest. This mask is amazing. It is cooling, soothing, hydrating, and is packed full of goodness for any skin type. This mask contains Algae extracts which are rich in antioxidants and minerals that are nourishing and protecting, and Organic Everlasting Flower Water to heal, calm, tone and purify the skin.

The word Spa stands for Salus per Aquam, which translates into health through water. Our spa therapy practices are derived and evolved from this saying and has created all the benefits I hope to share with my clients.

Why not treat yourself to a little piece of spa at home?

I hope you love this Kerstin Florian Body Wellness Kit as much as I do,

Eoin x