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The Kingsley

3 Step Introduction to De-Stress

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This gift set comprises three best-selling heroes from our De-Stress range to help create a stress-combating ritual for you to enjoy at home or on the go.


Our De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil (9ml) is a light, herbaceous blend containing Petitgrain for clarity, calming Chamomile and focussing Frankincense. Like a mini therapist in a bottle, take a shower with this after your morning/evening to-do list to help you mentally stay afloat and avoid overwhelm.


Unlock these herbal notes with our De-Stress Candle (85g) Containing two 10ml bottles of pure essential oils, the candle is encased in a reusable ceramic container. Richly aromatic, our hand-poured wax will burn for over 40 hours; its delicate aroma reaching every corner of your home. 


And our restoring De-Stress Muscle Gel (50ml) has been specially formulated for anyone whose job requires them to be on their feet all day (or hunched over a laptop), as well as keen gym-goers. The formula is brimming with soothing Lavender and energising Rosemary, whilst warming Ginger & Black Pepper helps soothe and refresh worn out muscles.