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The Kingsley


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15ml bottle contains 1500mg pure CBD.

OTO CBD Sleep Drops are expertly formulated to help you relax, unwind and drift into a good night’s sleep. Pure OTO CBD infused with soothing lavender, calming butterfly pea flower and fresh field mint curated to help you sleep soundly.

They won’t leave you feeling drowsy or tired, instead, they are specifically created to maintain balance within your body, helping you align with your natural sleep cycle. It's less knock you out and more gently power down with our no-grogginess guarantee. If you, like so many, find your mind goes into overdrive come bedtime or wake up with a racing mind, you're the perfect candidate.

This 15ml bottle is designed to last you a full 30 days ensuring you sleep well all month long, delivering 50mg of pure CBD with each use, the research-recommended amount to actually impact your sleep.