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The Kingsley

Clarifying Probiotic Mineral Tonic 100ml

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Skin-regulating formula purifies, balances and brightens as it stimulates cell turnover and normalizes skin flora.
• Rich in Probiotics, Fruit Extracts & Minerals

• Free from Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance & Color

Purify, balance and brighten with the protective skin-regulating power of probiotics in this refreshing toner that normalizes and refines skin for visibly improved clarity and tone.

Ingredient highlights:

Probiotics – lactobacillus ferment supports skin-healthy microorganisms, suppressing those that can damage skin to optimize the skin’s microbiome

Fruit Extracts – bilberry, orange & sugar maple stimulate cell turnover & boost skin function

Organic Kelp Extract – its high macro- and micronutrient content naturally nourishes, detoxifies & oxygenates

Mineral Complex – copper, manganese & zinc improve elasticity & clarity while combatting inflammation

Botanical Extract Complex – sea lettuce, spirulina & triphala support immune response & regulate oil production