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Experience a truly immersive bedtime experience with the OTO The Gift of Sleep. This indulgent gift set contains a trio of powerful formulas, all infused with pure CBD to complement your evening preparations before you drift off into a dreamy slumber.

Set Contents:

Sleep Drops 15ml
An innovative formula that delivers 50mg of CBD, ideal for use after an action-packed day. Enriched with butterfly pea flowers and lavender, this aromatic blend of hand-selected botanicals help to leave a great taste.

Night Face Mask 15ml
A rich and indulgent face mask that helps refresh your skin for a healthy-looking complexion. Infused with high concentrations of CBD and vitamins A, C, D and E, this hydrating formula works to restore and clarify your skin throughout the night.

Pillow Mist 15ml
This relaxing pillow mist is enriched with 20% CBD and a potent blend of 11 botanical extracts to promote a sumptuously distracting scent, making it the ideal addition to unwinding after a challenging day.

Eye Mask
This pure silk sleep mask works to promote a deep sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This mask is delicate on the eyes and minimizes distractions.