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The Kingsley


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The perfect introduction to the power of CBD, transform your bedtime routine with this miniature sleep set:

Mini CBD Pillow Mist
he world’s first CBD pillow mist, containing 20% CBD and a unique blend of relaxing botanicals. Innovatively designed to be sprayed directly onto the pillow, promoting immediate relaxation and supporting sleep throughout the night.

Mini Balance Roll On
This pulse point roll-on combines 20% pure OTO CBD with essential oils such as soothing Chamomile, relaxing Lavender and calming Cajeput to help you wind down and forget the stresses of the day before bed.

Mini CBD Night Face Mask
An eight-hour sleep mask infused with pure OTO CBD, nourishing Baobab Oil and Vitamins A, C, D and E to rejuvenate and restore the skin as you slumber.